the Sweet Spot is your newest factory authorized Rogers dealer with our dedicated personal and technical support west of the Mississippi

Rogers High Fidelity

audiophile+ build quality with lifetime transferable warranty
aerospace engineering, design and manufacturing

integrated amp

integrated amp

phono preamp

*Free Shipping & Upgrade Audiophile Power Cord Included.

Featured Manufacturer of the Month
Cary Audio - On Sale !

SLP-03 balance vacuum tube preamplifier, $2,295.
SLP-98P vacuum tube preamplifierw/phono, $4,995.
SLP-05 flagship vacuum tube preamplifier, $8,995.

SLI-80 vacuum tube integrated amplifier, $4,495.
CAD 300SEI 300B vacuum tube integrated amplifier, $5,695.

DAC 100t vacuum tube D/A converter, $2,995.
HH-1 vacuum tube headphone amplifier, $1,595.

Cinema 12 surround sound processor, $4,995.
SA 200.2 solid state stereo power amplifier, $3,995.

all brand new, factory sealed cartons, all in stock, please call for our special
 incentive prices and no additional cost upgrades offered exclusively by
 'the Sweet Spot' in both Malibu, CA and the Phoenix Valley in Goodyear, AZ.

Speakers - On Sale !
Opera Grand Callas floor model loudspeakers, beautiful cherry wood grain finish.
factory-sealed original cartons, never opened, w/manufacturer's warranty included.
$10,000. msrp - free shipping included, call for our special discount sales pricing.

Emme New Beta floor model loudspeakers, gorgeous Rubin Red fashion finish.
like brand new, perfect 10/10 condition, w/manufacturer's factory warranty included.
$12,500. msrp - free shipping included, call for our special discount sales pricing.

Waterfall Audio glass floor model loudspeakers from France, both wife and decorator approved, like brand new, perfect 10/10 condition, w/manufacturer's warranty included.
$7,000. msrp - free shipping included, call for our special discount sales pricing.

Sweet Spot Malibu - where music sounds like music !
for questions, requests, consultations and information in the Malibu, CA area, please telecon our Malibu location and talk with Scott Linskey, CEO Director of Operations for Sweet Spot Home Theaters & High End Audio

                                  All Roads Lead to the Malibu Coast
                    Sweet Spot Home Theaters & High End Audio


Malibu Coast, Inc. 
28955 Pacific Coast Highway
Malibu, CA 90265
Scott Linskey

Private Auditions by Personal Appointment - Demo Room Appointments in the Executive Offices of the Malibu Gym Building at Kanan Dume Road                                                                                                        
        and Sweet Spot Arizona - where music sounds like music !
Bill Coomes LLC
3696 N 159th Avenue
Goodyear, AZ 85395
Bill Coomes

                           High End Audio Brands & Website Links

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Audio Control  www.audiocontrol.com
Baetis media servers  www.baetisaudio.com
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Bryston  www.bryston.com
Cary Audio  www.caryaudio.com
deHavilland Electric Amplifier Company  www.dehavillandhifi.com
Granite Audio  www.graniteaudio.com
Herron Audio  www.herronaudio.com
MIT power conditioners  www.mitcables.com
Modwright  www.modwright.com
Onkyo Reference HiFi  www.onkyousa.com
PS Audio  www.psaudio.com
Pure Power APS ac regenerators  www.purepoweraps.com
Rogers High Fidelity  www.rogershighfidelity.com
Unison Research  www.unisonresearch.com
Zesto Audio  www.zestoaudio.com

Acoustic Zen  www.acousticzen.com
Bryston  www.bryston.com
Noble Fidelity  www.noblefidelity.com
REL subwoofers  www.sumikoaudio.net
Sonist Audio  www.sonistaudio.com
Source Technology  www.sourcespeaker.com
Totem www.totemacoustic.com
TruAudio  www.truaudio.com
Vienna Acoustics  www.vienna-acoustics.com
Von Schweikert Audio  www.vonschweikertaudio.com
Waterfall Audio glass speakers  www.waterfallaudio.com

Hanss Acoustics  www.lotusgroupusa.com


Acoustic Zen  www.acousticzen.com
Bryston  www.bryston.com
Granite Audio  www.graniteaudio.com
Harmonic Technology  www.harmonictech.com
Herron Audio  www.herronaudio.com
PS Audio  www.psaudio.com
Snake River Audio  www.snakeriveraudio.com
StraightWire  www.straightwire.com


Modwright electronics - when nothing else will do.   www.modwright.com

Introducing the Baetis Media Server - the totally incomparable and the absolute best music server in the world.  And, nothing else even comes close (not even remotely close) to the incredible audiophile performance of the Baetis Music Server available from the Sweet Spot Malibu, CA and the Sweet Spot Goodyear, AZ.           www.baetisaudio.com

the Sweet Spot has the complete line of SonistAudio speakers for your
own private audition and
personal appointment.

  Emme Speakers
custom-built to order
in more than 2 dozen
fashionable colors for
both your spouse and decorator approval


      Kara Chaffee's deHavilland Electric Company



Click on any picture for a larger picture

         Audio Control

Savoy G3 7CH Power Amp
Maestro M4 7.1 CH PrePro

the Sweet Spot's custom-built monitor speakers in beautiful , deep multi-coat applied and hand-finished colors for our special, discriminating clients.

the best sounding bookshelf or monitor speaker you ever heard
for $2,995. including shipping

a floor model version is available       for only $3,495.

   the new legendary reference - the Hegel H300 integrated amplifier with DAC 

        the Hegel CDP2A MKII CD Player - affordable audiophile performance

             the new Hegel H80 Integrated Amplifier/DAC      www.hegel.com

                   Introducing the Newest Preamplifier Design from Dave Belles                    
                                  Belles 10A Preamplifier/Phono/DAC

Dave Belles 350A v2 stereo power amp and 10A balanced preamp w/DAC/phono

the complete product line of Belles Audio electronics is available at 'the Sweet Spot'

               the best of the best
Audience a2Rp Power Conditioners

            the Sweet Spot is an authorized dealer for the complete Audience product line.

                                   Hanss Acoustics Audiophile Turntables


        Chario Loudspeakers from Italy

     beautiful 'old world Italian craftsmanship'
'music that sounds like music' audiophile sound.

Sweet Spot Malibu is the exclusive LA/Malibu CA factory authorized  sales representatives for Chario loudspeakers, and the exclusive authorized sales representatives for Chario in the entire state of AZ.



                      Iridium monoblock amplifiers

                                   introducing Sweet Spot Malibu
Celebrate with us our newest location, serving the North of LA California area with an exclusive showroom and Home Theater, Surround Sound and High End Audio warehouse in Malibu, providing professional certified calibration services, technical support services, custom home theater and high end audiophile installations, dedicated home theater and music listening room design services, room acoustic evaluations,estimates, measurements and analysis, custom installations, custom-building consultations and complete system troubleshooting, problem solving, improvements and upgrades, retail sales and professional, personal  services as your own personal, dedicated 24/7 home theater & high end audio technicians - and we take care of our clients like our own family

Opera Callas Monitors
for beautiful 'old world' Italian craftsmanship and for 'drop dead' gorgeous, audiophile quality sound. 

Opera Grand Callas Floorstanders
  fall in love with Italian workmanship, 
  and 'music that sounds like music'.

the 'Best of the Best' in our personal selection of quality High-End Audiophile components and equipment.

We only offer, recommend and represent manufacturers and brands, that we would buy for our own home audiophile systems.

new additions: PurePowerAPS AC regenerators, available with Furetech and Oyaide receptacles -the high-end audiophiles ultimate choice for personal, clean power.

     Bryston - the legendary audiophile company with a 20 year warranty
      built like a battleship, absolutely bulletproof and available now at 'the Sweet Spot'

           Bryston Cables

                    Bryston Speakers

Tim Tebow


by Indy Audio Labs
                                  8008 2CH stereo power amplifier, 200W stereo 400W mono in 8 ohms.

We also have AZ clients driving from Sedona, Prescott and Tucson for private auditions and personal appointments to experience 'the best of the best' in affordable high end audiophile speakers & selected electronics.

   A2002 2CH stereo power amplifier,
      200W 8ohms, 300W 4ohms

  order the new Acurus ACT 4 preamplifier/processor at $3,999.00

  along with the new Acurus Aries integrated amplifier at $2,799.00
     pre-ordering is recommended now, as the demand is huge and the initial         availability is scheduled for December 2013 with limited product availability


the new ACT4 preamp/processor thru a front panel touch screen or thru iOS, Andriod phones or tablets.  the ACT4 has 7 HDMI 1.4a inputs and replaceable video I/O modules for upgradeability to new video standards as they are released. the ACT4 pre/pro is designed for audio purists.  the input capabilities and processing options are everything that you need.

                   the Acurus Act 4 preamplifier and A2007 7CH power amplifier                      

                                               EMME Speakers
'OLD WORLD CRAFTSMANSHIP' from Italy, exemplified and accurately defined as EMME SPEAKERS, by brothers Paolo and Lorenzo Martinelli.

         private auditions for Emme speakers at 'the Sweet Spot'

the NewBeta model in Rubin Red

the New Beta model in the optional
  Croco (Alligator) and Gold finish

Emme stands available

  the brand new Da Vinci 3-way model in the optional Copper Leaf finish.

                           Jonny Wilson's Snake River Audio Cables

the poisonous Boomslang snake, the namesake of Snake River Audio's latest audiophile cable design - a completely new concept in digital audio cables, taking on all the name brand manufacturers with price no object !
Available for your personal audition and evaluation are Snake River Audio speaker cables, power cords and RCA/XLR interconnects.  They are custom manufactured by Jonny Wilson in Riggins, Idaho next to the Snake River and Hell's Canyon. These audiophile cables are hand-made with the finest components and materials available, burned in for over 200 hours prior to shipping and now available with a cryogenic treatment process.  Your exclusive CA and AZ authorized dealer for Snake River Audio is 'the Sweet Spot' in Malibu, CA and in Goodyear, AZ. The 'word on the street' is that you're missing out, if you don't try 'the snake' in your home system.


                               Randy Bankert

Concerto 2  

              Sonist Audio Speakers
      new design improvements for 2014

new upgraded cabinet construction, new wood finishes and all new internal wiring, with Jonny Wilson's Snake River Audio audiophile cables.



                    Sonist Audio Concerto 4           Concerto 3               Recital 3

  custom-built to order in Red Mahogany and Randy Bankert Memorial Finishes

        NAD's Direct Digital DAC Integrated Amplifier for Only $2600.

  Michael Fremer's Favorite 'Best Sounding' Receiver - NAD's T787

               the Master Series - NAD's M50 Digital Music Player

      the NAD Master Series M3 Dual Mono Integrated Amplifier, only $2995.00


       Zesto Audio's Andros vacuum tube Phono Preamplifier
the 'Sweet Spot' is the exclusive authorized sales rep and AZ dealer for the NEW Zesto Audio vacuum tube preamplifier stage.  This 'mind blowing' improvement in vacuum tube phono preamps is 'taking the world by storm'.  Upgrade your phono preamp to Zesto's NEW Andros PS1 and 'live the audiophile dream' by hearing 'music that actually sounds like music' from your vinyl LP's.  Designed, engineered and custom-built in the USA by George and Carolyn Counnas with TLC.  George engineered the electronics and Carolyn designed Zesto Audio's beautiful, contemporary custom look.  A match made in heaven -and I'm talking about electronics.




            Zesto Audio's Leto vacuum tube Line Stage Preamplifier
then, schedule a private audition for the NEW Zesto Audio Leto line stage vacuum tube preamplifier, the awesome new design by George Counnas.
Zesto Audio components are worth every penny and an audiophile bargin
at 3x the price.  George and Carolyn are at the top of their game - enjoy !

Zesto Audio Leto

Thinking about taking your level of 'audiophile nivana' up a notch, or even more ?  PrimaLuna vacuum tube electronics are highly recommended for that next important step up.  PrimaLuna's award winning preamps, stereo and monoblock poweramps and integrated amplifers are in a class by themselves, for high-end performance and exceptional value. Available exclusively for private auditions at 'the Sweet Spot' in AZ and now in CA.

note: the 'Sweet Spot' uses Black Sable, Genalex Gold Lion and JJ output vacuum tubes for audio performance 
upgrades and we include a matched set of upgrade output tubes at no extra cost, as a grateful 'Sweet Spot' thank you for our high-end audio customers and clients, shopping at Sweet Spot Malibu and Sweet Spot AZ.

Poncho recommends Cary Audio for the audiophile's audiophile, who is still seeking perfection in legendary build-quality, and an emotional connection with 'music that sounds like music' plus Cary's incredible 'no holds barred' performance, that always provides all                                                  the 'musica' that Cary Audio delivers.

                                              Cary Audio
If experiencing true 'Nirvana' and 'sitting in the lap of God' are your audiophile aspirations, I would quite naturally recommend the next logical step for the 'dyed in the wool' audiophile in search of the ultimate truth.
case in point - Cary's ultimate vacuum tube preamplifier, the SLP-05.

Schedule and appointment for a private audition to seriously listen to the legendary Cary Audio 300 SEI 300B vacuum tube integrated amplifier, along with the award winning Cary Audio CD303T Pro vacuum tube/solid state CD/SACD/HDCD player.  It just doesn't get any better than this.
                 Thank You, God.  
Cary Audio Design's
model CAD 211 FE
monoblock power amplifier


Cary Audio Design's
model CAD300SEI
Integrated Amplifier with
300B vacuum tubes

Onkyo Reference-Series P-3000R Preamp & M-5000R Power Amp
  the affordable entry into audiophile Nirvana from Onkyo's flagship line.


                  Waterfall Audio glass speakers
Absolutely drop dead' beautiful, and a gorgeous art statement, but 'the sound' will 'put your jaw on the floor' and have you 'begging for buttermilk'.


Experience the incomparable 'old work craftsmanship' and the incredible performance of 'THE KISS' speakers from Vienna Acoustics - also available are 'THE MUSIC' floor model speakers and 'POETRY' center channel speaker, personally acoustically calibrated for your listening room by Bill Coomes, certified calibration technician and owner of 'the Sweet Spot' in Goodyear, AZ in the West Valley of Phoenix.

           Billy Joe Shaver


           'The Kiss'
           Vienna Acoustics 'The Music'                                             

                                                                   Von Schweikert Audio
the 'Sweet Spot' has recently been recognized and awarded exclusive authorization as the factory sales representative and dealer for a legend in our industry - Albert Von Schweikert and Von Schweikert Audio.  the 'Sweet Spot' is your authorized dealer for Arizona, California, Utah, New Mexico and Colorado.  If you haven't heard Albert's Unifield 1 and  Unifield 2 monitors or the Unifield 3 floor models with Albert Von Schweikert's latest exclusive, patented speaker designs, or the psycho-acoustic 'mind blowing' soundstage of the new VR35 or VR44 floor models, you are not 'living the audiophile dream' to the best of your ability. The 'best of the best' in sound and equipment is available only at the 'Sweet Spot' in Arizona and now in Malibu, California.
the Von Schweikert Unifield 3
           Modwright Instruments
Experience the cryogenically treated electronics of  the legendary Dan Wright's MODWRIGHT INSTRUMENTS audiophile power amps and preamps, cryo treated exclusively by Charles Beresford's Cryogenics International of Scottsdale, and available only from Sweet Spot Home Theaters & High End Audio.
                   Cary Audio
                 Cary's CAD300BSEI Integrated Amplifier

                                                              Harmonic Technology
'the   Sweet Spot' is the Arizona authorized dealer and for the one and only Jim Wang's HARMONIC TECHNOLOGY speaker cables, power cords, RCA unbalanced and XLR balanced  interconnects, and the 'latest and the greatest' audiophile upgrade, Photon fiber optic audiophile interconnects.  Available for your personal and private auditions, where 'music actually sounds like music'.

     Leon Custom Graphics Art Design Speakers
an example of the custom designs available from Leon Speakers

   Winston Ma's FIM CD's
available at 'the Sweet Spot'
                    Herron Audio
Keith Herron's vacuum tube preamplifier

Herron Audio electronics is that rare breed of high-end audio gear that you will want to give to your children, after you pass on and go to Heaven for your final reward.
But only because God will have Keith's equipment in his own audiophile music room, to share with the folks that made it thru those pearly gates.
  Herron's monoblock amplifiers
     Herron's phono preamp

Welcome to the premier dedicated home theater, family room surround sound & custom high-end audiophile companies of Bill Coomes, LLC.  We are available 7 days a week at your convenience for private auditions, consultations and personal appointments. Please call us 24/7 at Bill Coomes/Sweet Spot Home Theaters & High End Audio, located in Pebble Creek-Tuscany Falls in Goodyear, AZ at 623.533.4433 and Scott Linskey/SweetSpotMalibu in Malibu, CA at 310.866.1771 for a private audition of the finest brands and the best sound of high end audiophile and home theater systems available, offering incredible performance and exceptional value - the best of the best !  The 'Sweet Spot' has the best selection of manufacturer's brands and the best sound in Malibu, CA and the Phoenix Valley.  Bill Coomes will personally HAA calibrate your new speaker system purchase to certified, professional  standards in your own home, as a thank you and an exclusive courtesy, when you buy a high-end audiophile speaker package from 'the Sweet Spot' companies.
  coming soon - the brand new   incomparable PSAudio DSD DAC
    in stock & available now !

We are proudly featuring the newest Perfect Wave CD Player & DAC from Paul McGowan and PS Audio.  Experience the PERFECTWAVE TRANSPORT and the awesome 2nd Generation PERFECTWAVE DAC and listen to 'music that sounds like music' for the very first time.  Bring your favorite CDs - you will not want to go back home without the Perfect Wave CD player and the DAC II tucked under your arm.

                                    and even more from PSAudio

Have you been thinking (and thinking) about a power line conditioner ?  Well, think again ! A power line conditioner can't hold a candle to a PSAudio Perfect Wave AC Regenerator.  Try one in your own high-end home system.  The results will 'blow your mind' and 'put your jaw on the floor'.  Some audio-fools are completely 'blown away' by the dramatic results of a component that replaces your 'dirty, low-down and corrupt' APS electric company.  by the way, you won't send it back - nobody does.
                  Modwright Instruments    
    Modwright Preamps, Power Amps and Integrated Amplifiers
   when nothing else will do . . .

Call 623.533.4433 or 310.866.1771 for complete, comprehensive information on our exclusive Home Theater, Surround Sound & High End Audiophile product & equipment lines, representing 'the best of the best' in the high-end industry's manufacturers of audio/video components, available in the state of Arizona.  Many of the manufacturers & product lines are an exclusive of 'the Sweet Spot' and available for demonstration by appointment for your private audition.
                    Rega Research    

      Tivoli am/fm/cd wireless bluetooth high-fidelity stereo radios


                                             About Us                   
Bill Coomes, the owner/partner of the 'Sweet Spot' companies is a graduate EE, offering custom engineering & design services, certified ISF and HAA audio/video calibrations, acoustics measurements, analysis and problem solutions with professional technical services for all dedicated home theaters, family room surround systems & audiophile dedicated high-end music listening rooms.
Sanus HDTV equipment stand
                    Technical Services
We also provide professional technical services for custom installation of Home Theaters, family room Surround Sound systems, High End Audiophile rooms & commercial installations, including troubleshooting & problem solving technical services, certified ISF Video and HAA Audio calibration services, RTA acoustics measurements & evaluation services for home theaters, audiophile listening rooms, churches and recording studios.

vacuum tube integrated amplifiers, preamplifiers, monoblock power amps for any price range and
any audiophile's budget.
Audio Space Electronics
     in a class all by itself

                     Custom Installations 
Custom installations of acoustics treatments, products and materials, custom design & buildout of dedicated Home Theaters & Audiophile music rooms, individual consultations of new home construction projects, and for problem-solving estimates and evaluations of retro and custom upgrades.
 'Sweet Spot' technical specialists are your personal technicians, available for you 24/7 as your personal support team of qualified, certified professionals.  Call 623.533.4433
or 310.866.1771 for a personal appointment
                  Cary Audio
                                                         SLI-80 vacuum tube integrated amplifier
      Malibu, CA  310.866.1771
Goodyear, AZ  623.533.4433
Cryogenetically treated speaker cables, power cords and interconnects by Cryogenics International of Scottsdale, AZ are available exclusively from SweetSpotHomeTheaters & HighEndAudio in Arizona & California.
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