'The Sweet Spot'
for Arizona, Southwest Arizona, the West Valley and the Phoenix Valley.
We Have many Clients driving from Sedona, Prescott and Tucson for Private Auditions and Personal Appointments to Hear 'the Best of the Best' in Affordable High End Audio Components & Electronics
If experiencing true 'Nirvana' and 'Sitting in the Lap of God' are your audiophile aspirations, I would quite naturally recommend the next logical step.   Schedule and appointment for a private audition to seriously listen to the legendary Cary Audio 300 SEI 300B vacuum tube integrated amplifier, along with the brand new award winning Cary Audio CD303T Pro vacuum tube/solid state CD/SACD/HDCD player.  It doesn't get any bettter than this. Thank You, God. 
SEE and HEAR the Incredible, 'Drop Dead' Beautiful, and the Incomparable
Performance of 'THE KISS' Speakers
from Vienna Acoustics - Also Available are 'THE MUSIC' Floor Model and 'POETRY' Center Channel Speakers, Personally Acoustically Calibrated for your Listening Room by Bill Coomes.
The 'SWEET SPOT' has just been recognized and awarded exclusive authorization as the factory sales representative and dealer for a legend in our industry - Albert Von Schweikert and Von Schweikert Audio.  The 'SWEET SPOT' is your authorized dealer for Arizona, New Mexico, Utah and Colorado.  If you haven't heard Albert's Unifield 1's, Unifield 2's or Unifield 3's with exclusive, patented speaker designs or the psycho-acoustic 'mind blowing' soundstage of the new VR35 - you are not living the audiophile dream. The 'best of the best' is available only at the 'SWEET SPOT'.
Von Schweikert Unifield 3
HEAR the Cryogenically Treated Electronics of  the Legendary Dan Wright's MODWRIGHT INSTRUMENTS Audiophile Power Amps and Preamps, Treated by Cryogenics International of Phoenix, Available Exclusively and Only from Sweet Spot Home Theaters & High End Audio.
'The   Sweet Spot' is the Arizona Authorized Dealer and for the One and Only Jim Wang's HARMONIC TECHNOLOGY Speaker Cables, Power Cords and RCA/XLR Interconnects, and the 'Latest and the Greatest' HARMONIC TECHNOLOGY Photon Interconnects.
We are also the Proud Sales Representatives for Robert Lee's ACOUSTIC ZEN Cables and ADAGIO Speakers, Chip Winston's highly regarded and Award Winning CRL Cables and the Performance/Quality/Value of WIREWORLD Cables.
See and HEAR the NEW Invisible Ghost In-Ceiling Speakers and SEE and HEAR the NEW Wireless Subwoofers and SEE and HEAR the NEW 7.1 Channel Surround Sound Bars - The Latest Technologies and Very Affordable Too !  Please call for a personal appointment, private audition or In-Home evaluation by Bill Coomes.
We want to Thank You for any Purchase of Audiophile Components using IEC Replacement Power Cords. Please accept a FREE Upgrade Audiophile Custom-Built IEC High-End Power Cord which is now INCLUDED with any High-End Component or Equipment Sale from Bill Coomes/Sweet Spot Home Theaters & High End Audio.
Welcome to the Premier Dedicated Home Theater, Family Room Surround Sound & Custom High End Audiophile Companies of Bill Coomes, LLC.  We are available 7 days a week and  located in the West Valley of Phoenix in Goodyear, AZ (off the I10). Please call us 24/7 at Bill Coomes/Sweet Spot Home Theaters & High End Audio, located in Pebble Creek-Tuscany Falls in Goodyear, AZ at our office  623.533.4433 for a private audition of the finest brands of high end audiophile and home theater available in the Phoenix Valley, offering incredible performance and exceptional value - the best of the best !  The 'Sweet Spot' has the best selection of manufacturer's brands and the best sound in the Phoenix Valley.  Bill Coomes will HAA calibrate your new speaker purchase to certified standards in your own home, when you buy an audiophile speaker package from the 'Sweet Spot'.
   We are proudly featuring the newest CD/DVD Player & DAC from Paul McGowan and PS Audio.  Hear the PERFECTWAVE TRANSPORT and PERFECTWAVE DAC and listen to music for the very first time.  Bring your favorite CDs - You will not want to go home.
Please visit our Home Theater and Audiophile Website at
www.arizonahighendaudio.com (for the Dedicated High End Audiophile)
     Call for comprehensive information on our exclusive Home Theater, Surround Sound & High End Audiophile product & equipment lines, representing 'the best of the best' in manufacturers of audio/video components, available in the entire state of Arizona.  Many of the manufacturers & product lines are an exclusive of 'the Sweet Spot' and available for demonstration by appointment for your private audition.
Bill Coomes, the owner of the 'Sweet Spot' companies is a graduate EE, offering custom engineering & design services, certified ISF and HAA audio/video calibrations, acoustics measurements, analysis and problem solutions with personal, professional technical services for all dedicated Home Theaters, family room Surround Sound & dedicated audiophile music listening rooms.
We also provide professional technical services for custom installation of Home Theaters, family room Surround Sound systems, High End Audiophile rooms & commercial installations, including troubleshooting & problem solving technical services, certified ISF Video and HAA Audio calibration services, RTA acoustics measurements & evaluation services for Home Theaters, Audiophile listening rooms and Recording Studios.
    Custom installations of acoustics treatments, products and materials, custom design & buildout of dedicated Home Theaters & Audiophile music rooms, individual consultations of new home construction projects, and for problem-solving estimates & evaluations of retro and upgrade home construction projects. 
     'Sweet Spot' technical specialists are your personal technicians, available for you 24/7 as your personal support team of qualified, certified professionals.  Call 623.533.4433 for a personal appointment.
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