Bill Coomes, LLC
Sweet Spot Home Theaters & High End Audio
3696 N 159th Avenue
Goodyear, AZ 85395
Available for Professional Technical Services, Appointments, Evaluations, Estimates & Consultations 24/7 for our Clients & Customers & Friends.
Factory Authorized Dealer for 'the best of the best' in Maufacturer's Brands
We are the proud and exclusive AZ audiophile electronics factory authorized dealer for Kara Chaffee's designs (her exceptional deHavilland Electric Company tube audiophile electronic components), and Esoteric's DVD/CD players, electronics & esoteric speakers, Paul McGowan’s PS Audio Perfect Wave CD player and DAC, along with the PS Audio Power Line Regenerators, Chip Winston's CRL cables, interconnects and power cords, Jim Wang's Harmonic Technology cables, interconnects and power cords, Wireworld cables, interconnects and power cords, Robert Lee's Acoustic Zen cables, interconnects and power cords, Oracle's CD players & electronics, Dan Wright's Modwright vacuum tube & solid state electronics, the industry legendary Keith Herron's Herron Audio components (and soon, a Keith Herron speaker), Rega Research electronics and turntables (from England), Billy Wright’s Cary Audio Design vacuum tube & solid state electronics, the exceptional performance/value of Audio Space vacuum tube electronics, the exceptinal LSA Group hybrid integrated amplifiers, Cayin electronics from China, Triode vacuum tube electronics from Japan, Don Hoglund's Granite Audio vacuum tube electronics and awesome silver speaker cables & interconnects, custom manufactured in Tempe, Arizona, Raysonic vacuum tube CD players & electronics, Antique Sound Labs vacuum tube electronics, Roger Paul's H-Cat preamplifier and electronics, Marsh Sound Design electronics, Marantz Reference-Series electronics & CD players, Onkyo audiophile-grade components, Denon audiophile-grade electronics & CD players, the Pro-ject audiophile turntables and Sumiko cartridges, including the performance/value Blackbird cartridge, Monster and Panamax surge supressors and line conditioners, along with Michael Chang's absolutely incredible Chang Lightspeed power line filters
We are authorized manufacturer's sales representatives & exclusive AZ dealers for 'the best of the best' in audiophile speaker lines including Totem Acoustics (from Canada) absolutely awesome speakers, with models engineered and designed for every application and situation. We are the exclusive sales representatives for Totem Acoustics products for the entire West and Southwest Valley of the Phoenix area, and have clients come for demonstrations from Tucson, Prescott and Sedona. We also proudly represent Sumiko's Vienna Acoustics speakers, including the flagship Kmilt product line (the Music, Poetry and Kiss models) of ultra-high end audiophile speakers from Vienna, and the incredible REL sub bass systems (don't call them subwoofers), the beautiful, ultra high-performance Gemme Audio speakers (from Canada),Lucid Acoustics speakers in custom wood finishes, the incredible LSA Group audiophile speakers (available in 3 grades of performance), the Audio Physic speakers (from Germany), Robert Lee's Acoustic Zen Adagio speakers, 'drop-dead' beautiful Dali audiophile speakers, 'drop-dead' beautifulOperaaudiophile speakers with leather accents (from Italy), the sales representatives for Albert VonSchweikert's reference-quality high-end Von Schweikert Audio speakers, with an exclusive sales territory for Arizona, New Mexico, Utah and Colorado, Randy Bankert's 95db efficient Sonist high-end audiophile speakers (the best 'bang for the buck' value on the planet), the wife-approved and decora-friendly Artcoustic speakers (from Denmark) an art statement on the wall (with incredible sound), the 'drop dead beautiful' and performance/value speakers from Aurum Cantus(from China), Philip Clement's audiophile-quality custom-installation Solus speakers designed and engineered in Tempe, Arizona, RBH Sound exotic audiophile-quality speakers in 32 wood finishes, or custom-matched to your exact wood finish, TruAudio audiophile-grade and high-end, multi-channel home theater speakers with bookshelf, on-wall, in-wall and in-ceiling models of exceptional quality and value, including the new Ghost model speakers.
We are also the exclusive AZ authorized dealer for Winston Ma's FIM ultra-high resolution CDs, available in a variety of CD playback formats,
offering only 'the best of the best' at the 'Sweet Spot' in Goodyear, AZ.
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