Speakers on Sale - Today

Sonist Audio Recital2 bookshelf monitors

Artcoustic speakers

Superstar powered, built-in stereo amplifier wall-mount speaker w/EQ booster preamplifier included.

$4,000. brand new, factory-sealed, Artcoustic warranty included

sale price $3,200.00

20% OFF the msrp price

Opera speakers

Grand Callas floor stander flagship model speakers

$10,000. msrp brand new, factory-sealed cartons, with Opera warranty

sale price $5,500.

55% OFF the msrp price

shipping + insurance included

Von Schweikert Audio speakers

VR4-GenIII HSE (Special New York Edition) 4 separate cabinets, bi-amp/bi-wireable, special Hovland crossover, 10/10 perfect, brand-new flawless condition, less than 5 hours, $6,500. msrp

sale price $5,200.

20% OFF the msrp price

Sonist Audio speakers

Concerto 4 floor stander flagship model speakers, special Randy Bankert Memorial Edition wood finish, 97db efficiency, 10/10 perfect, brand new flawless condition, Snake River Audio internal wiring, less than 10 hours, factory warranty included, $6,495.00 msrp

sale price $5,200.

20% OFF the msrp price